Nikola Tesla – The Greatest Geek Who Have Ever Lived

Legacy of the Greatest Geek – Nikola Tesla!

Nikola Tesla, the greatest geek who have ever lived. He was a great inventor, electrical engineer, scientists, mechanical engineer, physicist, visionary, thinker, futurist and much more. I am an Electronics Engineer/Scientists and in the acknowledgment of his remarkable achievements and gifts for mankind, I am dedicating this blog to Nikola Tesla, a man who was far ahead of his time’s scientists and contemporaries. He was acknowledged to be called as the “Adam” of the current era of electricity and magnetism.

There is not even a single house on this planet which is not using his alternating current. Nikola Tesla was a man of wisdom, will power, determination and was a true revolutionary, but whenever his name comes it brings a lot of mysteries and myths. He was also   known for inventing amazing things and then forgetting them before writing or sharing with others. Most of us believe that the Thomas Edison was the greatest electrical inventor of all the times that is not true, in fact in my opinion he was not even a scientist or physicist, but a clever industrialists. Who was always looking for his employees to figure out something new and he could get its patents.

Nikola Tesla in His Early Life

Nikola Tesla was born on 10th of July 1856 in a town known as Smiljan, Lika at that time it was a part of Austrian Empire (Auto-Hungarian), today’s Croatia. His father Milutin Tesla was a priest and his mother was known as a “domestic inventor”, she was fond of inventing and reordering households. So, doing crazy was something he was inherited from his mother. He studied in a polytechnic institute and then joined the University of Prague where he became a physicist and electrical engineer. That was the time when Thomas Edison was known as the great industrialist and inventor. Therefore Nikola Tesla aimed to migrate to America to work for him.

Nikola Tesla Migrated to America

When Nikola Tesla joined Thomas Edison, he was struck in his DC (direct current) machines, he ask Tesla to fix them and offered him a huge amount, equivalent of several million dollars of present time. When Tesla fixed the machines and ask for the reward he was promised for, Thomas Edison replied:

Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor.

Although Tesla and Edison both had completely different personalities, but they still manage to work together for several years. The real conflict arose among them when Nikola Tesla sold his 40 patent to another engineer and business figure, Mr. George Westinghouse. He was also a powerful industrialist and rival to Thomas Edison. At that time Edison was consistent to sell his direct current, but Westinghouse was very much sure about the usefulness, power and success of Tesla’s alternating current.

Nikola Tesla Stuns the World with His Alternating Current

A festival was held in Chicago. In that festival not only Edison and Tesla was participating, but scientists, inventors, industrialists and physics enthusiasts from all over the world gathered there to present their inventions. In that festival Nikola Tesla stuns the whole world by presenting his alternating current which was later publicized by installing hydropower turbines running at the Niagara Falls. Within the next ten years the alternating current was commercialized and becomes the fastest growing industry. Nikola Tesla was an astonishing mathematician, but not good enough in finance, after the success of alternating current Mr. Westinghouse buy several other patents from Nikola Tesla, no doubt he was a great industrialist and business mind as Thomas Edison was.

Popular Myths and Mysteries of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was not as much interested in making money as much he was interested in solving the mysteries of nature and science. After the break through invention of the “Tesla Coil” he was about to stun the world with wireless communication. Most of the historian believed that Guglielmo Marconi was not the actual inventor of telephony; in fact he just refined some of the ideas of Nikola Tesla which he presented a long time before Marconi was able to figure out his one of the greatest achievement, the telephone, a way to distant communications.

However, mysteries will remain mysteries as there is no solid or presentable evidence that have had ever been recorded or reported on that. Yet there are a lot of hypotheses and some of the patents of Tesla which later became the base of modern telephone technology which was known to be invented by Guglielmo Marconi.

Nikola Tesla was also said to be the inventor of an unlimited free energy source. Most of the historians believe that his work was burnt down along with his laboratory in order to preserve the power industry. As if we can ever get a free source of unlimited power then how will pay the huge electric bills? Another myth about that mysterious source of energy was that it somehow Nikola Tesla managed to utilize the unlimited source of magnetic field, the earth. However, mysteries will remain mysteries.

The Legacy of the Greatest Geek Who Have Ever Lived

In an interview with Forbes Magazine, the Google’s co-founder, Larry Page said about Nikola Tesla:

You don’t want to be Tesla. He was one of the greatest inventors, but it’s a sad, sad story. He couldn’t commercialize anything; he could barely fund his own research. You’d want to be more like Edison. If you invent something, that doesn’t necessarily help anybody. You’ve got to actually get it into the world; you’ve got to produce, make money doing it so you can fund it.

Source: Los Angeles Times and Google: The Company and Its Founders

That is the reason Nikola Tesla died on 7th of January 1943 in miserable conditions in a hotel room in New York City. However, decades after his death, the world begins to acknowledge his legacy and will continue to embrace him as “The Greatest Geek Who Have Ever Lived”.

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