Google Has Unveiled Its Very First Driver-Less or Self-Driving Car

The most anticipated Google Self-Driving Car will hit the roads in next month. The driver-less car will have no paddles or staring wheels and is very first of fully automated road-legal cars breed that is controlled by its very powerful computer systems. Some of the rumors are suggesting that it could be the first step or a part of Google’s most mysterious robotics project, the artificial intelligence and robotics project which is being running in collaboration with NASA. However, for me it will be the most exciting experience to have such a goofy-looking fully-functional drive.

I remember when we first saw an images of the first mockup of Google’s build-from-scratch Self-Driving car it even don’t have real headlights then, a friend of mine was excited and amazed, his first reaction was, “Isn’t it a bit more cartoony then a real car should have to be?” and I replied, whatever you said but I like “her” as much as my younger sister likes “Dora”.

Starting from retrofitting some hardware and software in existing automobiles (usually the Toyota Prius and Lexus 450h) Google has now developed a completely stunning piece of technology, however it looks like a cuddly toy car, but it is indeed a master piece of the technology. Google has developed a full fledge computer simulation of the California city same like one we saw in the Matrix movie and that was all to just test its Self-Driving car. There are a hundred of rumors and stories about the mysteries hidden behind the closed walls of Google and NASA’s joint venture, the robotics and space exploration project.

The current prototype is a bit more serious looking, buts its cuddliness is still there. The newer prototype is lesser funky then its first mockup, back in the May. The first mock-up didn’t have real headlights then, although its high-tech sophisticated hardware LIDAR (3D Laser Mapping/Measuring System) and Google’s artificial intelligence (the software) do not require any headlight to stair or run along the roads, but considering rest of the population as “non-robots” Google has somehow decided to add headlights and indicators too.

Google Self-Driving Car Build from Scratch
The car does not get distracted and most of the accidents are caused by human error.

I would also like to share some of the weirdest or unexpected responses we get from very responsible personals are somehow disturbing. A computer science professor at UCLA said in an interview to Los Angeles Times:

“The car does not get distracted” he added; Most of the accidents are caused by human error.”

I mean, what on earth can you compare a real, alive, flesh and blood human being with a piece of tin, the machine. However, he is an expert and we all should listen to him (is that so? Share your thoughts via below comment box). However, the most beneficial feature Google self-driving car has is that it never gets drunk.

As the driver-less car don’t have any driver, so it will also made no mistake while overtaking or changing lane or any influence of weather, stress or something like that. Although it has a lot of benefits, but I am still convinced that car should be driven by real humans who have emotions, ethics and moralities. Don’t hesitate to share  your thoughts.

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