Humayun Hashmi – Owner

I am a researcher, a tech geek and physics enthusiast.

I have more than 5 years of web publishing experience. I am an electronics engineer and I love technology. Tesla Mysteries is my personal blog aimed to provide interesting content. Some of my friends ask me why I named my blog after Nikola Tesla; well the answer is that he was the greatest geek who has ever lived. I am planning to expand my blog from just a technology magazine to a media agency that can provide intelligence to common audience to educate them about the latest technologies.

What I write about?

The advancements in technology, high-tech gadgets, physics, weird things around the universe and mysteries of Tesla always fascinate me; my blog will surely going to reflect my interests. I hope you will find interesting and quality stuff at my blog.

Whom I write for?

Well, I am not writing highly technical stuff in some encrypted form or alien language, what I am doing here is just writing reviews, views and even my personal opinion about things happening in tech-world. You don’t have to be a tech-geek or PhD to understand my blogs because I am putting hours to make my blog simple and easy-to-understand for all type of audience who can possibly surf the internet.

What else?

Well, I am also planning to provide a lot of free stuff and educational material for my readers. You can find lots of freebies and downloadable stuff in my blog.

What? Not enough for you? Okay, tell me what else do you want?